I am considering a romantic novel in the near future. It would start with a chance meeting at a Happy Hour after work on a Friday evening. The couple would get off to a rough start but warm up to each other. They would have to go through some ups and downs. Eventually they would get so serious that they would have to face the decision to make it permanent or end it. At that point, I will run into problems. Part of me wants couples to get married and live happily ever after. The other part doesn’t believe that is possible. At least, very few couples realize that dream.

My record isn’t good. In “Survive”, the couple is doing fine while they are chasing down the terrorist. But once he is dead the relationship founders. He is a socially challenged, dedicated special agent with the FBI. She is a wounded warrior from a rich family and no real idea what she wants to do with her life. She is also dealing with a serious case of PTSD. Finally, she decides enough is enough and trudges over to his apartment. She asks if she can crash there for a few days. He asks, “Why? Did your parents kick you out?”

They fumble around for a while before agreeing to a trial marriage.

In “The Walshes”, the new boyfriend, a cop on the rebound from a divorce calls the heroine around midnight. He has had quite a bit to drink but he wants to get together with her. She has just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas with her girlfriend. They fumble around for a while before she says, “If you’re sober enough to drive over here, we can go to the all-night diner for pie and coffee.”

He says he will be right over even though he is in no condition to operating a car.

I can’t wait to find out how a romantic novel will end.

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