Month: December 2016

Decision 2092 – Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again
By Donald X. Trump, Tea Party Candidate for President of the United States and grandson of Billionaire businessman, former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

They were wrong about global warming. What did you expect?
It is true that sea level rise has reduced our land area by about ten percent. This mostly affects coastal areas although rivers have gotten fatter. Sea barriers built around large cities like New York, Chicago and LA have been largely successful in protecting homes and businesses. Efforts to save Manhattan were not entirely successful. The lower levels of some buildings have been sealed off so that people can continue to use the upper levels. Water taxis have been introduced where the streets are no long drivable.
Our nation’s capital was relocated to the Trump monolith near McConnell Air Base in Kansas several decades ago due to exaggerated fears that rising sea levels would flood Washington D.C.
California has used pipelines, which were made possible by technological advances, to pump water to the Rocky Mountain Aquifer. This is a win-win solution. Flooding dangers along the West Coast have been reduced and water is available to the inland areas of the American Southwest.
Hawaii looks nothing like it did at the beginning of the century. The Pearl Harbor Museum is now completely under water. But Trump Hawaii is still a favorite tourist destination. With its luxurious accommodations, fine dining, casino and world class golf course it brings in more than a billion dollars a year in revenue.
Scientific and technological advances of the last fifty years have made it possible for us to eliminate poverty and it effects – homelessness, malnutrition and disease.
The first Integrated Living Center was completed in 2037 just three years after the ground breaking ceremonies. Advances in automation made the schedule and budget possible. Automated ground moving equipment created the subsurface hole three hundred yards deep and one mile on each side in a matter of months. Only six months were required to lay the foundation. Seventy percent of the construction work was performed by autonomous robots.
Today, the Fort Stockton, Texas ILC or monolith is home to approximately 5 million people or 2 million families. Advances in the technologies make it possible for us to construct ILCs today that house 10 million people. We are close to our goal of providing ILC housing for all 10 billion humans remaining on earth.
The ILC monoliths are extremely energy efficient. Core concepts were pioneered by Bell Labs for its Murray Hill facility back in the 1960s. Sixty per cent of the required energy is provided by solar collectors. Thirty five percent comes from waste recycling. The remaining amount and back up is provided by small generators that use nuclear waste for fuel.
The first commercial fusion energy plant came on line in 2020. My grandfather, President Donald J.
Trump, issued an executive order banning the mining of coal and uranium shortly after he took office for
his second term in 2021.
That executive order was vacated when President Chelsea Clinton took office in 2025. Congress passed
bills outlawing the mining of coal or uranium or drilling for oil in the Continental United States in
October of 2025. President Clinton immediately signed those bills into law. At that time, the primary
sources of energy were solar, wind and hydroelectric. Generators that used nuclear waste as fuel quickly
developed into a major source of power. Over time, Fusion Energy plants replace all of those sources.
Development of ILCs for livestock and autonomous robots to perform most of the chores associated
with caring for them until they can be used for food allowed us to effectively address the economic
crises that followed termination of mining operations. Scientific and technological advances from the
thirties and forties gave us raw food and food printers. With these developments, farming, ranching,
agriculture in general are things of the past. We no longer need
Food printers available today can produce any meal based on any cuisine known to man from the raw
food inputs on demand.
President Trump fulfilled his promise to make America Great Again by developing Fusion Energy
technology and ensuring that the patents and trade secrets were kept in the possession of the United
States. He also pioneered the Integrated Living Center concept which put the United States at the
forefront of providing habitat for humanity.
Our current space program has grown out of President Trumps initiatives in that area.
The Earth-Moon orbiter was launched in ’22 after President Trump overhauled NASA and the US space
program. The orbiter, also known as the Buzz Aldrin Moon Escalator, reduced the cost of transporting
humans and supplies to the moon by over half. With the escalator, it cost no more to send men to the
moon than to the International Space Station.
The Mars series of escalators that followed opened up the red planet to human exploration. They also
paved the way for a multi-billion dollar Mars Tourism industry.
Finally, the Jupiter escalator series made Jupiter and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
accessible. Exploitation of the mineral resources in the asteroid belt became possible. Multi-billion
mining and tourism industries have been developed. All of the raw materials for today’s spacecraft are
taken from the asteroid belt.
None of this would have been possible without the development of advanced autonomous mechanical
devices capable of performing almost any task as well as or even better than human workers.
The escalators are autonomous although they interact with human operators stationed at locations
around the United States as well as on the American Mars Colony. The escalators are built in orbit by
space ready androids. They are maintained by a crew of specialized robots.
Robotic Near Earth taxis and haulers take people and freight back and forth between the planets and
the escalators. The cost of getting people and supplies to one of Jupiter’s moons today is less than the
cost of supplying the International Space Station a century ago.
These developments have put us in a position to make America Great again after over sixty years of
incompetent, blundering leadership. Trump Galactica, the first galactic explorer spacecraft, is set to
launch next year. The Trump Galactica is a space ready ILC that will house and support a population of 5
million people virtually forever. It is the result of decades of international cooperation in space
The World Space Exploration Consortium was formed to manage this cooperative effort. It has
developed into the only effective international body. The United States is the acknowledged leader in
this consortium. We are prepared to forge a World Federated Government as the first truly effective
international governing body.
When I win the presidency this November, I will take the lead in bringing the World Federated
Government into being. We will dispose of fossilized twentieth century institutions such as the United
Nations and the World Bank. We will unite the world under the leadership of the United States. America
will be great again.