joe-sailing Ireland 2012

Empty Nest Again 2013 May

Empty Nest Again 2013 May

Joe in Belfast 2012


I was drafted in 1966 at the beginning of my senior year. I served 18 months in Vietnam, traveled around the world and visited exotic cities in the Far East. I returned to Old Dominion University in 1969 and completed a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. I went on to earn an MS in Computer Science through Johns Hopkins University. I worked for 40 years as an engineer in the telecommunications industry before retiring.  I worked as a senior engineer on a variety of projects for NASA, the FAA and other civilian and military organizations.

I have been a writer as long as I can remember. I wrote science fiction as a child. I won an essay contest grade school. In high school, I wrote essays and poems. I wrote and produced a play at one point. During my army service, I took a course in newspaper writing from the Newspaper Institute of America.

During my engineering years, I wrote technical papers. I also wrote poems, short stories and inspirational pieces.

I have retired from engineering. I continue to write because that is essential to my continuing to live.