Month: September 2016

The Trump Wall – It’s going to happen


One of my friends on Facebook posted about how excited she was to be watching The Donald’s performance last night. Her friend agreed. He was so polished. Absolutely presidential.

But I am confused. Did he or didn’t he?

He claims that he did not discuss The Wall or who would pay for it during his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. The Mexicans insist that he did. They must be mistaken because Trump is never wrong.

For my part, I believe that President Trump will get that wall built and the Mexicans will pay for it. That would go a long way toward making sure that Trump never returned to their country.

The Donald has a history here. He got thousands of Americans to pay for a bogus education through Trump University.  He’s gotten New Yorkers to pony up $120 million or so for a golf course in the Bronx that provided him with a reported $8 million in revenue over the past year. Why shouldn’t he be able to get the Mexican people to pay for a wall to keep them out of land that we stole from them?

It would have to be the biggest and best wall ever built of course. Bigger than the “Great” Wall of China. Bigger than Hadrian’s wall that stretched across England the rest of Europe. Our Wall would have to be better than Israel’s wall. It would actually keep Palestinians from entering the United States illegally.

The one question that Donald Trump has not addressed is whether he would build this wall before or after he builds the $10 million dollar club house on the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point.

One thing that we should all think about is : What will happen if President Trump runs the county like Private Citizen Trump ran his casino business in Atlantic City?

Trump would no doubt emerge richer than ever. He would be richer than Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. He might even emerge better off than the Clintons.

But the rest of us had better beware. We could be looking at a really great depression – one that would dwarf the Bush Fiasco of 2007.